Sunday, January 9, 2011


If you forgot your Password or want to Log on to others computers; just follow this process.

~~: Process: ~~
1) Start computer.

2) When it asks for password press ctrl+alt+delete keys twice.

3) Now another window opens asking for password.

4) In this at the place of user name just type "administrator".... Leave the Password field Blank and Hit Enter.

5) WOW!! U have logged in as a normal user.

6) Now you have full authority only problem is that you can't open "My document" of the original account.

[NOTE: Work only if Admin account is not protected.]

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Was just Right Under you Nose? Let’s see how easily you can get it…

Find Windows XP CD key inside your Windows XP CD

To get the Windows XP CD key, you have to do the following steps. Just follow the following steps and find Windows XP CD key into your windows XP CD.

Steps to follow to find Windows XP CD key:

1. Bring your Windows XP CD and insert it into your computer’s CD/DVD ROM/ RAM.
2. Now, browse your Windows XP CD and find the folder I386.
3. Inside I386 folder, find the file named as unattended.txt.
4. Open unattended.txt by using notepad.
5. At last, keep scrolling of the opened file and you will get Windows XP CD key


Windows 7 can run on machines with lower specs than required for Windows Vista, and many users are actually finding it runs better than Windows XP on lower spec machines. It’s also ideal to run on newer net book machines, but unfortunately many of these do not include a DVD drive so how do you install windows 7 on a machine without a DVD drive?

I spent yesterday researching this exact problem and I managed to install Windows 7 on my Sam sung N150 net book in around 20 minutes using a 4GB USB Drive. Setting up the USB drive to install Windows 7 was fairly easy in the end, and the installation was quicker than a DVD drive, so this method is perfect if you want to install Windows 7 quickly on several machines.

How To Install Windows 7 From A USB Drive ?

1.Find a standard 4GB USB Drive and plug it into your machine
Click Start in your enter ‘cmd’ in the run field. Once cmd is open type in ‘diskpart’ and a new window will open
3.In the new disk part window type: 
■‘list disk’: This lists all the disk drives attached to your machine
 ■Look for your USB drive and note the number and then type: ’select disk #’, where ‘#’ is your USB disk number
■then type ‘clean’
■then type ‘create partition primary’
■then ’select partition 1′
■then ‘active’
■then ‘format fs=fat32 quick’

Once you’ve finished these steps you then need to copy your Windows 7 files to the USB. To do this you have to mount your Windows 7 ISO as a virtual DVD. Doing this is easy:


1.Install MagicDisk (
2.once installed, right-click on MagicDisk in your system tray Click on ‘Virtual CD/DVD-Rom’, select your DVD drive
3.then ‘Mount’ and in the dialog window that opens up, select your Windows 7 ISO
4.Now in windows Explorer, click on your DVD drive and you should see all the Windows 7 Files. All you have to do now is copy and paste all the files to your USB key and you have a Windows 7 USB Installation Stick!
5. Install the stick in the PC you want to install Windows 7 on and boot up. Remember to change your bios to allow booting from USB

if you follow the steps above then you should have no problems installing Windows 7 from a USB key



Today I am going to show you how we can fool our friends when they call to our mobile by saying the message “The Number Doesn’t VALID” or some other message based on your service provider.

Some times we don’t want to talk with a particular person so is there any way to avoid those Friends? May be you do this Tricks i.e. Switch off our mobile number or Just giving some one to talk when they call and some other But this tricks all can be guessed by him. So what to do to avoid him?

So, Today I am going to give you one best Trick to avoid him by saying “The Number Doesn’t VALID” when ever they call.

following are the Steps to make to get message “The Number Doesn’t VALID” whenever they call: 

1.This tricks is possible only for mobile users: 

2.Go to Call Divert option and Divert call to your Friend number to the whom you want to avoid.
For ex: If you want to avoid a person with +91944xxxxxx7 then divert Divert Call to +91944xxxxxx7

3. Then see the magic whenever they call they get an error announcement saying “The Number Doesn’t VALID”

Note: Don’t forget to cancel Call Divert after cheating him otherwise all your incoming call goes to him and outgoing charges apply for you whenever they receive your call.
Enjoy your time by Avoid Talking.

Sunday, December 5, 2010



Hi friends, today I am coming with a new trick which will will be very helpful for those who frequently install windows xp operating system.Normally OS  Installation takes around 40 minutes to complete.But through this trick you can do it with in 15 minutes.This simple tricks goes this way

1.Boot through Windows XP CD

2. After all the files are completely loaded; you get the option to select the
    Partition.Select “c”.

3.Now Format the partition, whether it is normal or quick with NTFS or FAT

4.Once the formatting is completed, All the setup files required for
   installation are copied. Restart your system by pressing Enter

Now, here begins the Simple trick to save 10-15 minutes 

5. After rebooting, you get a screen where it takes 40 minutes to complete or finalize the OS installation.

6. Now, Press SHIFT + F10 Key -> This opens command prompt.

7. Enter “Task manager” at the command prompt window. This will open Task Manager.

8. Click the Process Tab, here we find a process called setup.exe .Right Click on Setup.exe -> Set Priority -> Select High or Above Normal. Initially it will be Normal

That’s it, no more work to do. Relax your self and see how fast the installation process completes



Hi friends,Facebook as the most used social network site by worldwide monthly active users followed by Myspace, Entertainment weekly have a new feature of Video Chat using web cam.Here is its details.With vChatter you could video call your friends on facebook or make new friends throughout the world.It's Free to use.
How do I get started with  vChatter ?

1. Go to the facebook application

2.  Press continue

3. Another window that will show up that says "Request for Permission", "Allow" and "Don't Allow", Click    ALLOW 

4. Application will be loading - Click PLAY 

5. A small window that says Adobe Flash Player Settings will appear on the screen that will show a prompt message: "Allow" and "Deny" CLICK : ALLOW 

6. Then you're ON vChatter !!!! 


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


         Motorola has announced the launch of Motorola Charm, which runs on Android 2.1 operating system and uses Motorola's proprietary touchscreen interface Motoblur. Motorola Charm has a full QWERTY keyboard and a feature called Backtrack, which raised our interest. Backtrack is a navigational pad located on the rear of the display, which allows users to scroll in an easier way.Motorola Charm supports various bands such as WCDMA, GSM, HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS, HSUPA, etc. It has a 2.8 inch display with screen resolution of 320 x 240 QVGA TFT. The phone weighs 110 g and has dimension of 67.20(x) 98.40(y) 11.40(z). Motorola claims that Charm has a talk time of 300 mins on WCDMA network and 405 mins on GSM network. The phone has stand by time of 334 Hrs on WCDMA and 267 Hrs on GSM network.

.        The phone has stand by time of 334 Hrs on WCDMA and 267 Hrs on GSM network.Motorola charm has 3 megapixel camera with digital zoom, fixed focus, Kodak perfect touch technology for better, brighter pictures, as well as one-touch social media uploads to Facebook, MySpace, Picasa and PhotoBucket. Motorola’s Motoblur technology also brings together updates from various social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, as well as Gmail and other personal and work email. The web browser on the phone uses Adobe Flash for better surfing experience. As common in other Android Phones, Motorola Charm also has access to the Android Market and Google services such as Google Search, Google Maps and Gmail. The phone also supports assisted GPS and eCompass.Apart from these features Motorola has also added one feature called as CrystalTalk PLUS, which adds a second microphone for increased voice quality while filtering out background noise. In terms of storage, the phone has internal memory of 512 MB and external memory can be upgraded up to 32GB through MicroSD card.Motorola Charm looks like a business phone and has some good features backing up its looks as well. Corporate email can be pushed immediately to the device for instant inbox updates. Also, the phone has MotoSynch service which makes sure users do not lose any information. So far, Motorola has announced that this phone will be exclusively available to T-Mobile USA customers in few months. But we are sure it will be opened to other networks and countries soon after that. The price of the Motorola Charm is still not revealed by the company